Juanita Forbes Vanderhoeven

Juanita Forbes Vanderhoeven

Juanita Forbes Vanderhoeven has served as CEO at Rapides Senior Citizens’ Centers, Inc. (RSCC) since 1982. RSCC is the official sponsor for Central District Senior Games. She has served off and on Louisiana Senior Olympic Games (LSOG) board since it was organized. She truthfully believes that active seniors live a healthier lifestyle and competition and being a winner has no age barriers. Therefore she has always worked in our area to have the senior games and help seniors prepare for their competition year round.

Juanita has also served on the Southwest Society on Aging board of directors and served as President for two years. She is also active member of the Louisiana Aging Network Association since 1985 and served as secretary for two years and President for two years. Juanita was president during Katrina and Helped re-organize the LANA after Katrina.

While serving as the CEO of RSCC is her passion, she also does workforce development consulting in Texas and has done that for over 30 years. She serves as a consultant conducting quality assurance compliance reviews for organizations that receive federal funding to ensure that federal rules are followed which has taught her to be objective and precise in identifying issues and presenting information in a very concise manner for problem resolutions.

When Juanita commits to serve on a board, she ensures that she has the time, energy and commitment to give that board her devoted commitment and to work at make contributions to the organization that she commits to serve. Juanita also has good organizational skills and budget management background that she can contribute to the organization.

She is very proud to be a part of NSGA Board of Directors.